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Remodel? Some people cringe at the word – especially in an RV. By definition, most manufacturers want to make new things – not rework old things. At ShowHauler we have a different mindset. We know it is almost impossible to find a company that wants to remodel an RV. If you find one, do they know how the unit was constructed in the beginning? How was “this” put together, and where does “that” wire go? It makes sense to have the company that built it remodel it!

  The superior construction process used to build your ShowHauler will outlast the design trends at the time it was built. The growth and success of Home Improvement stores are a testament that consumers want to keep their living spaces fresh, current, and filled with the most modern amenities. Why should this be any different for your Motorhome?

  New fabric on your sofa or dinette, new flooring, or a beautiful new granite or Corian countertop can update a coach and make it feel like you just purchased it. Did you buy a used coach, and you would prefer to have the washer/dryer removed and replaced with a hanging closet? We can do that! You have a dinette & sofa, but wish you had two sofas? Let us make that happen. We know our coaches last a long time, and there are still some older units hitting the road with the monstrous tube-type TV up in the corner. Bring it to us & we can install a new modern TV and entertainment system.

  Exterior changes can make a big impact also. Maybe you want to replace damaged sidewall pieces that are a constant reminder of that post at the truck stop you didn’t see. Is your rear fiberglass cap looking a little splintered from that tight turn with your trailer? We can fix that. Replacing damaged compartment doors erases years of abuse in hours.

  We have a team ready to refresh your coach. Simple updates to complete remodels have been done not only to Showhauler units but also other leading brands in the industry as well.

  Contact Mark at (574) 825-6764 to discuss your wants, needs, and wishes, and let ShowHauler make your coach like new again.

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